Rear blade TR2200, 1 x hydraulic

Rear blade TR2200, 1 x hydraulic
Rear blade TR2200, 1 x hydraulic
Rear blade TR2200, 1 x hydraulic
Rear blade TR2200, 1 x hydraulic

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  • Width 2200 mm
  • Blade can be turned by 360 degrees hydraulically
  • Comes with adjustable support wheels
  • Connections CAT 2 and CAT 3
  • Made in Estonia

The edged part of the rear blade can be hydraulically turned by 360 degrees and can be fixed at an angle in both directions. The edge is replaceable with bolts, and if desired, it is possible to order an additional toothed edge which can be used to break lumps of ice on the road in winter. Also suitable for ploughing snow or earth-working operations.

The TR2200 1 x hydraulic rear blade comes with adjustable support wheels attached. Rear blades are primarily used for ploughing snow in households, but they are also excellent for clearing the edges of yards and areas in front of doors. It is also possible to collect the snow into one place with them.

Rear blades are sure to find a use in earth-working operations and construction. It is a reliable complementary tool for tractors to be used for earth-working and snow ploughing on farms. Easy to use and suitable for many different tractors.

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