Potato hillers

Potato hillers with Hevo Tehnika’s universal three-point hitch are available with 2 x 3 and 3 x 2 tines. 

Potato hillers are suitable for various tractors from 15 hp to 50 hp. Row spacing in furrowers is adjustable from 650 to 750 mm.

The most common model is the 3 × 2 tine version without a shield to protect against pebbles. This potato hiller permits the outer hiller housings to be shifted, which makes it possible for row spacing to be set to the required dimension.

The 2 × 3 tines of the potato hiller are specially designed for small tractors (Japanese tractors) with a wheel spacing of 70–80 cm.

It is possible to order both hillers with attachments for potato planting. This set includes the necessary fastenings, a planting tube, a plastic box attached to the planting tube with a mounting bracket, and a seat.

The selection also includes a 3 x 3 tine potato hiller with a pebble shield and a universal three-point hitch. Row spacing is adjustable from 650 to 750 mm. This hiller can also be ordered as a 5-section version. The three-section 3 x 3 tine hiller with a pebble shield can also be ordered with attachments for potato planting.

The potato hillers of Hevo Tehnika are reliable complementary tools for tractors to be used for agricultural work on farms. Easy to use and suitable for many different tractors. These products are also available in the catalogue of the Agricultural Registers and Information Board! Only metal wheels are used on hillers.

Potato hillers are seasonal products are generally made to order, so order the product well in advance.

Potato hiller without a pebble shield, 2 x 3 tines
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