Log grapple for a loader SLH 1500

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  • Total width 1050 mm, height 1200 mm
  • Maximum opening 1150 mm
  • Hydraulic hoses included
  • We will add connections according to the type of the loader
  • Weight 300 kg
  • Designed for a front loader with a lifting power of 1600 kg
  • Made in Estonia

The log grapple for a loader SLH 1500 is designed for moving and transporting logs during forestry work and at the storage area. Suitable for tractor loaders starting from 50 hp. The grapple is moved by one cylinder in the middle. Connections can be added according to the type of the loader. The Euro connection system is the most widespread, but over the years, more than 35 different connection types have been used for our equipment.

The grapple is well-suited to storage work at companies specialising in firewood production. It can be used to lift raw material onto feeding tables and to unload loads. It is also good for sorting operations by gripping a single log between the beak and the lower forks of the grapple.

Agricultural enterprises have also successfully used the grapple, for example, by attaching it to a telescopic loader to remove great quantities of brush from the edges of ditches in fields. The log grapple for a loader SLH 1500 is a reliable complementary tool for tractors to be used for forestry work on farms. Easy to use and suitable for many different tractors.

In most cases, the product is made to order. As a rule, the product in stock is without connections, we will add them later according to the type of the loader. When ordering from the online store, please write your preferred connection type into the comments box!

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