Log feeding table EL 1850H 1 x hydraulic roller

3900  sis. 20% KM

Tellimise aeg 7-14 tööpäeva
  • Dimensions of the toothed rack 1850 mm x 3500 mm, height 1000 mm
  • Capacity 3–4 solid cubic metres of raw material
  • Includes hydraulic hoses and a two-section distributor
  • Roller conveyor with 1 driving roller
  • Made in Estonia

The log feeding table EL 1850H 1 x hydraulic roller is ideal for use in firewood production. The product has received very good feedback. It helps to modernise production and reduce labour costs. The feeding table is designed to be attached to a log splitter. It is a reliable tool with a very strong construction. The toothed rack of the feeding table is moved by two hydraulic cylinders, which receive the necessary oil pressure for their work from the log splitter’s hydraulic pump through the supplied single-section distributor. The distributor must be connected to the pressure line from the pump.

The outer width of the toothed rack is 1850 mm and the length of the toothed rack is 3500 mm. The length of the tilted deck is 3000 mm and it can also be attached to the toothed rack with bolts. The tilted deck can hold 3–4 solid cubic metres of raw material.

The feeding table set includes the feeding table, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic hoses, and a two-section distributor. The product is primarily made to order. This log feeding table comes with one driving hydraulic roller. The feeding table can be hydraulically supplied from the main pump of the log splitter. It is also possible to operate the feeding table from a separate hydraulic station, in which case the cost of an additional hydraulic station will be added to the price. If you order installation by us, the costs associated with the installation (delivery, additional materials, and working time) are added.