Log grapple H1500

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  • Measurements: 145 x 120 x 90 cm
  • Grip width from the ends of the grips 2150 mm
  • Product weight: 270 kg
  • A removable hoist is available as an attachment
  • Made in Estonia

Hevo Tehnika’s log grapple can be mounted on 50–120 hp tractors (MTZ-type tractors, T-40, and Western tractors). Grip width from the ends of the jaws of the log grapple H1500 is 1,700 mm, length of the grapple is 1,350 mm and height 850 mm. It allows the transport and hauling of forest material from the forest and the edges of ditches. The log grapple can also be used for storing round timber at the storage area.

During larger brush cutting operations, this grapple is also an excellent aid in collecting brush. If during the work process it appears that there is soft terrain that cannot be reached with the machine, we offer a removable hoist for the grapple as an attachment. The hoist can be easily attached to the grapple frame with bolts and the hoist is driven by a cardan drive from the PTO. It is controlled by a metal lever from the hoist. The hoist comes with 50 linear metres of cable, which is enough to pull the logs to the required distance and to transport them with a grapple thereafter. But it is also possible to haul with the hoist cable, as the cable block has a special lock that locks the cable block.

The log grapple H1500 is a reliable complementary tool for tractors to be used for forestry and brush cutting work on farms. Easy to use and suitable for many different tractors.

NB! 2+2 hydraulic outlets are required for the implement (four hoses of 2.5 m).

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