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Rear digging buckets

Rear digging buckets: Rear buckets: Rear bucket with three-point attachment to the rear hitch. Suitable for MTZ couplings, T-40, T-25, western tractors, Chinese tractors. The buckets have different widths 1500mm (weighs 195kg), 1700mm (weighs 220kg), 1900mm (weighs 245kg) and 2100mm (270kg). Buckets allow you to successfully transport soil, gravel or firewood, for example. If the shovel bucket is locked, the bucket can be used to successfully push snow in winter, and if necessary, the snow can be transported to another location. The bucket has also been successfully used as a weight box at the rear of the tractor. The bucket locking system is designed so that even heavy loads can be tilted without having to use excessive force to release the tilt lock. Hydraulic tailgate also available. Backhoe has received very good feedback from customers. Due to its good quality and durability, the buckets have already reached our neighbors in Finland and Latvia. When choosing a bucket, you should also know what the rear scoop is most needed for. If there is more transport of heavy soils, it is rather narrower than it is necessary to smooth and transport light materials, then rather wider. Tailgates are good and durable tractor tools on the farm for forestry, field work or earthworks. Easy to use and suitable for many different tractors. It is also possible to make buckets without tilting system after ordering! This product is also in the ARIB catalog!


  • Produced in Estonia
  • Different widths 1500 mm, 1700 mm, 1900 mm and 2100 mm
  • Tilt system
  • Bucket with hydraulic tilt

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