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Front-mount plough blades

Front-mount plough blades: We manufacture front plows on request (Chinese and Japanese small tractors, tractors of Russian origin). Saw widths 1500mm to 2500mm. The plows can be turned hydraulically or mechanically at both angles. Tractor front saws are available in two series. Small tractor series (for 12-30 horsepower) front saws with widths of 1500 mm and 1800 mm. Series of larger tractors (from 30 hp) with widths of 2200 mm and 2500 mm. The plows are attached to the bottom of the tractor, where a special attachment frame is made, which is supported on the rear axle. The front saw blade can be rotated and fixed at an angle in both directions. The blade can be replaced with bolts and, if desired, it is possible to order a toothed blade, with which it is possible to mill residual cones on the road in winter! Suitable for snow plowing as soil planning! The large series plow has adjustable support soles attached as standard. The small series plow also has support soles attached as standard. The set includes one or two sectional dividers according to the saw. Both large and small series front plows can also be ordered with the possibility of turning the hydraulic plow! Front saws are mainly used for pushing snow in the household, as they are good for clearing the yard and driveways of the home. The front plow is a good and durable tractor auxiliary tool on the farm for various soil operations than snow pushing. Easy to use and fits many different tractors. Call or write to us and you will get even more detailed information and a quote!

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