Log hoist PV-2

Log hoist PV-2
Log hoist PV-2
Log hoist PV-2
Log hoist PV-2

1455  sis. 20% KM

Tellimise aeg 7-14 tööpäeva
  • Weight 130 kg
  • 1,200 x 1,400 x 600
  • Length of the hauling cable 50 m
  • Diameter of the hauling cable 8 mm
  • Pulling power of the hoist 4000 kg
  • It is possible to lock the hauling cable reel and haul logs on the cable
  • Driven by the PTO
  • Made in Estonia

Log hoist PV-2 is suitable to be mounted on various tractors (20–80 hp). It allows the transport and hauling of forest material from soft terrains in the forest and at the edges of ditches.

The log hoist PV-2 can be easily attached to the suspension system with bolts and the hoist is driven by a cardan drive from the PTO. It is controlled by a metal lever from the hoist. The hoist comes with 50 linear metres of cable, which is enough to pull the logs to the required distance and to transport them, for example, with a grapple thereafter. It is also possible to haul with the hoist cable, as the cable block has a special lock that locks the cable block. If it happens that 50 linear metres of cable is not enough, an extension can be attached to the cable at any time as the cable reel has room for up to 100 linear metres of cable. Both grapple models offered by Hevo Tehnika (H1500 and H1000) can also be fitted with a hoist.