Loader plough bucket TKA 2400

Loader plough bucket TKA 2400
Loader plough bucket TKA 2400
Loader plough bucket TKA 2400
Loader plough bucket TKA 2400

2550  sis. 20% KM

Tellimise aeg 14 tööpäeva
  • Total width 2400 mm, height 850 mm, depth 720 mm
  • Maximum opening of the bucket 700 mm
  • Hydraulic hoses included
  • We will add connections according to the type of the loader
  • Weight 350 kg
  • Designed for tractor loaders
  • Made in Estonia

The TKA 2400 loader plough bucket is especially useful for earth-moving works and in construction. The loader plough bucket is suitable for tractor loaders starting from 60 hp. The shield of the bucket is moved by two cylinders.

The front-opening bucket is very good for doing various earth-moving works in private households as well. The bucket can be used to help with construction work and unload loads. It is also good for sorting operations by using the bucket’s shield. The TKA 1800 plough bucket for a loader is a reliable complementary tool for tractors to be used for forestry work on farms. Easy to use and suitable for many different tractors. 

The bucket can be fitted with skid-steer or Euro connections or those chosen by the customer according to their loader type. The Euro connection system is the most widespread, but over the years, more than 35 different connection types have been used. In most cases, the product is made to order. As a rule, the product in stock is without connections, we will add them later according to the type of the loader. When ordering from the online store, please write your preferred connection type into the comments box!