Hydraulic rear digging bucket TK 1500

Hydraulic rear digging bucket TK 1500
Hydraulic rear digging bucket TK 1500
Hydraulic rear digging bucket TK 1500
Hydraulic rear digging bucket TK 1500

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  • Rear digging bucket with a hydraulic tilting system
  • Connections CAT 2 and CAT 3
  • Different widths: 1500 mm, 1700 mm, 1900 mm, 2100 mm
  • Made in Estonia

The rear-mounted hydraulic rear digging bucket with a three-point hitch can be hooked onto the MTZ, T-40, T-25 as well as Western and Chinese tractors. Width of the bucket 1500 mm (weight 195 kg), depth 890 mm, height 680 mm.

Rear digging buckets can be used to transport soil, gravel, or firewood. When the shovel bucket is locked, you can use the bucket to plough snow in winter and, if necessary, transport the snow to a different place. Such buckets have also successfully been used as weight blocks at the back of the tractor.

When choosing a bucket, you should know what the rear shovel is predominantly going to be used for. If there is more heavy soil to be transported, then it is better to choose a narrower rear bucket. If it is necessary to smooth surfaces and transport light materials, then a wider rear bucket should be preferred.

The hydraulic rear digging bucket with a hatch is a reliable complementary tool for tractors to be used for forestry, agricultural and earth moving works on farms. Easy to use and suitable for many different tractors.

Hüdrauliline tagakopp luugiga on hea ja vastupidav traktori abitööriist talumajapidamises metsatöödel, põllutöödel või pinnase töödel. Lihtne kasutada ja sobib paljudele erinevatele traktoritele.


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