Grader-attachments for the box blades KS1500/1800

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  • Includes fasteners, a towing boom and a hydraulic wheel system
  • NB! The set does not include a BOX BLADE
  • The length of the towing boom is adjustable
  • Hydraulic wheel system
  • Made in Estonia

The grader-attachments for the box blades KS1500/1800 include a towing boom with adjustable length that can be fitted on both box blades (KS1500 and KS1800). Attaches to the three points of the tow with hitch pins and at the end of the boom there is a tow lock for the trailer ball link. Hitch pins included.

The set also includes a hydraulic wheel adjusting system, which consists of a frame, wheels, an hydraulic cylinder, hoses, and fasteners. This frame is attached to the box blade with bolts. Suitable for installation on both the KS1500 and KS1800 box blades.

The grader-attachments for box blades KS1500/1800 are excellent for smoothing driveways, sidewalks, or a large square/lawn.

It has very good manoeuvrability.

NB! The set does not include a BOX BLADE!

Kastsahk KS1500/1800 grader valmidusseadmed annavad sahale väga hea võimaluse autotee, kõnnitee või suure platsi/muruvälja silumiseks.

On väga hea manööverdamisvõimalusega.

NB! Komplekti ei kuulu KASTSAHK!