Cultivator 2300 mm

Cultivator 2300 mm
Cultivator 2300 mm
Cultivator 2300 mm
Cultivator 2300 mm

955  sis. 20% KM

Tellimise aeg 7-14 tööpäeva
  • Cultivator 2300 mm, with 17 tines
  • Width 2.3 m
  • Suitable for tractors starting from 30 hp
  • Rear roller included
  • Connections CAT1 and CAT2
  • Made in Estonia

The cultivator 2,300 mm has 17 tines, width 2.3 m, suitable for tractors starting from 30 hp.

Our rear-mounted cultivator is a reliable complementary tool for tractors that can be used for agricultural work on farms. Easy to use and suitable for many different tractors.

The cultivator comes with a rear roller. The rear roller is durable and set on floating bearings. Both potato hillers and cultivators are fitted with metal wheels manufactured at Hevo Tehnika’s own production site.

The product is in stock seasonally.

Kultivaatoril on komplektis tagarull. Tagarull on valmistatud tugeva konstruktisooniga ning rull asetseb ujuvatel laagritel. Nii kartulimuldajatel kui kultivaatoritel kasutusel Hevo Tehnika oma tootmises valmivad metallrattad.

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