Box blade KS1500

Box blade KS1800
Box blade KS1800
Box blade KS1800
Box blade KS1800

825  sis. 20% KM

Tellimise aeg 5-7 tööpäeva
  • Width 1500 mm
  • Hardox edges and chisels
  • The height of the edges and chisels can be adjusted
  • Connections CAT1 and CAT2
  • Made in Estonia

The box blade KS1500 is designed for levelling different surfaces (fields, roads, lawns).

The box blade has two Hardox edges. One is used during pulling and the other during pushing operations. Both edges can be adjusted for height. In addition, in the pulling position, the box has 5 Hardox blade chisels in front, which can also be adjusted for height.

The width of the box is 1500 mm. Towing eyes have openings for both CAT1 and CAT2. Very good solid construction. Necessary for levelling and smoothing roads and other surfaces on farms.

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