We offer various attachments for implements and tractors. Cardan joints for log hoists, tines and sweeps for potato hillers and cultivators, rubber and toothed edges for blades.

If you are using a very old model that you bought from us, you should definitely contact us as well. We can certainly help you find suitable attachments for it.

  • Sweeps
  • Cultivator tines
  • C-tines for potato hillers
  • Toothed edges
  • Rubber edges
  • Cardan joints
  • Hydraulic components
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Our production happens right here in Estonia

We mainly produce agricultural and forestry implements and our selection includes 70 to 80 different product models.

Our products have been well received by customers and we export approximately 40% of our output. Today, we sell our products in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, England, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Belgium.

Feel free to visit us!

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