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Log grapple H 1000

Log grapple H 1000: The log gripper H 1000 is suitable for coupling to a small tractor 20-50 hp. (Dong Feng, T-25, T-40, Japanese small tractors). The device allows to transport and transport timber from the forest, and from ditches. In addition, it is possible to store round timber on the storage site. If a larger brush cut is in progress, this grip is also a good helper to pull the brush together. If during the work it turns out that there is an obstacle in a soft area that cannot be accessed by the machine, we also offer a portable winch for the gripper as an accessory. The winch can be easily bolted to the gripper frame, and the winch is driven by a cardan shaft from the PTO shaft. The winch is controlled from the winch by a metal lever. The winch has 50 ropes on top, which can be used to pull the logs to the required distance and transport them from there with a grab. However, it is also possible to tow this same winch with a rope, as the rope block has a special lock that locks the rope block. It is a good and durable tractor auxiliary tool for farm forestry work. Easy to use and suitable for many different tractors. Call or email us for more information and a quote!



  • 2 + 2 hydraulic extracts required for the device. (Four hoses 2.5m)
  • Gripping width from the ends of the grips 1350mm, gripper length 1250mm, height 700mm
  • Product weight 185 kg
  • Made in Estonia


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