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Light rooting rake-grapple KRH 1500/1800

Light rooting rake-grapple KRH 1500/1800: Light rooting rake-grapple KRH 1500/1800 designed for quick attachment to a tractor loader. Allows you to push stones out of the ground. Allows you to root lighter roots and at the same time rip off twigs and decay residues, and gather them in a pile. However, it is possible to move trees, stones, plows or rubbish with this grapple. The tooth tips of the gripper are made of HARDOX steel, which ensures their strength and wear resistance. Confirmations SKID, euro or according to the type of loader desired by the customer. Suitable for tractor loaders from 20 hp to 60 hp. The gripper is moved by one cylinder in the middle. Fasteners can be added depending on the type of loader. EURO approval is the most common, but over the years it has undergone more than 35 different types of approval. Therefore, before ordering, it is good to be able to determine the type of confirmation. It is very good to do landscaping and maintenance work with companies that deal with it. A tool is also needed in the home farm. With the grab you can lift the raw material to the feed tables, unload the loads. Most of the product is made to order. And if they are in stock, as a rule, without confirmations, we will add them later according to the type of loader. It is a good and durable tractor tool on the farm for forestry work. Easy to use and suitable for many different tractors. Call or write to us and you will definitely get the necessary information and a quote!


  • Grips with two overall widths KRH 1500mm and KRH 1800mm, height 850mm
  • Maximum opening range of the gripper 1025mm
  • Hydraulic hoses included
  • Teeth ends HARDOX
  • Confirmations are added according to the type of loader
  • Grapple weight 170 kg and 230 kg respectively
  • Designed for tractor loaders
  • Made in Estonia


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