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Feeding table EL 1850 / EL 1850 H

Feeding table EL 1850 / EL 1850 H: Hydraulic log feeder for the firewood industry. Designed for attachment to a wood chipper. Feeding table EL 1850 / EL 1850 H is a durable tool with a very strong construction. The feed rack is moved by two hydraulic cylinders, which receive the oil pressure required for their operation through the hydraulic pump of the accompanying single-section distributor wood splitting machine. The outer width of the rack is 1850 mm, and the length of the rack is 3500 mm. In addition, there is also a sloping trestle, the length of which is 3000 mm and which is bolted to the rack. It is possible to place 3-4 tm of raw material on the slope deck. As of 2020, we have sold and installed a total of 25 of them in Estonia. The board has received very good feedback. For those who plan to modernize their production and reduce labor costs, this buffet is a very good option. The set of supply tables includes (Comes with hydraulic hoses and one / two section divider). This product is mainly made to order. Production time depending on the production load 1-2 weeks. As an innovation, it is also possible to order an additional roller coaster and a hydraulic drive roller. The hydraulic power supply to the feed table can be taken from the head pump of the wood splitting machine. The feed table can also be operated from a separate hydraulic station, but then the cost of the additional hydraulic station is added to the price. Our installation adds installation costs (delivery, additional materials and working hours).


  • Made in Estonia
  • Passed on a rack 1850mm x 3500 mm and a height of 1000mm
  • Optional roller roller and hydraulic drive roller
  • Comes with hydraulic hoses and one / two section divider
  • Holds 3 – 4 tm of raw material
  • As of 2020, 25 units were sold to Estonia


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