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Potato hillers

Potato hiller: Three-point universal attachment potato soilers 2 × 3 tines and 3 × 2 tines. Suitable for various tractors from 15 hp to 50 hp. During fading times, the line spacing is adjustable from 650 to 750 mm. The most common fading time model is the 3 × 2 tines version without stone protection. With this soil cultivator, it is possible to move the extreme working organs of the soil, as a result of which the row spacing can be set to the required pass. Potato soil 2 × 3 tines are specially designed for small tractors (Japanese tractors) with a wheelbase of 70-80 cm. It is also possible to order potato preparation ready for both of these soils, which then includes the necessary fastening clamps, a planting tube, a plastic box attached to the planting tube with a fastening bracket and a seat. There is also a three-point universal potato soil cultivator with 3 × 3 tines with stone protection. It also has an adjustable row spacing of 650-750 mm. This tiller can also be ordered in 5 sections. Three sectional 3 × 3 tines with stone protection can also be ordered with potato ready. Potato soilers are the products of the season and are mostly made to order. So if you are interested in a decent tool, do not skip the last minute order. Potato soil cultivators are good and durable tractor tools on the farm. Easy to use and suitable for many different tractors. From now on soil only metal wheels are used! These products are also available in the ARIB catalog! Call or email us for more information and a quote!

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