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Grader ready box blade KS 1500/1800

Grader ready box blade KS 1500/1800: Grader ready box blade KS 1500/1800 designed for leveling different soils (fields, roads, lawns). This model is equipped with a special mobile towing boom and hydraulic wheels. The box saw has two HARDOX blades. One works on pulling and the other works on pushing. The height of the blade can be adjusted on both blades. In addition, there are 5-6 HARDOX blade chisels on the front of the box in the draw position. Which can also be adjusted in height. The widths are either 1500mm or 1800mm. The transport baskets have openings for both CAT1 and CAT 2. At the end of the towing boom there is a towing lock for a light trailer. A very good tool with a strong construction. Definitely a necessary tool in land management for leveling and smoothing roads and other surfaces


  • Widths 1500mm and 1800mm
  • HARDOX blades and chisels
  • Height adjustable on blades and chisels
  • CAT1 and CAT 2 approval
  • Hydraulic wheels
  • Movable towing boom
  • Made in Estonia


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